About Quilting:

Hello guys! What is quilting means? It is one of the processes of sewing fabric of two or more layers together to make a padded material. This process is done with the three layers that are top fabric or quilt top, batting material or insulating material and backing material. To make two or more layers of the material, the process of quilting uses a needle and thread. The term Quilter is defined for the person who works at the quilting process and this is done by hand by using sewing machines or by Longarm quilting system.

There are many types of quilting processes available like handmade quilting, Machine quilting, Typing, Longarm quilting and more. The most widely used quilting is hand-quilting and machine quilting. The hand-quilting is one of the processes of made by a person using a needle and yarn. Machine quilting is one of the processes of using stitching machine or Longarm machine and quilting is a huge and varied craft.

General category of quilting is traditional, heirloom, medallion, samplers, memory quilts and so on. Specific techniques available in quilting process are patch work, appliqué, foundation paper-pieced and rag quilt. The basic elements of quilting process are Quilt top, which is the top layer and it can be sewn by machine. Batting is the insulating layer in the middle of quilting process and backing is the bottom layer.

Best material for quilting:There are different types of fabric are available for quilt and some of the best material for quilting process is,

Quilter’s weight cotton: This is a high quality 100% cotton material as it is perfectly suited for quilting process. Why this is best means because of its shrinkage and this weight cotton is better than other cottons and it is also used for clothing.

Home decor weight cotton: This is heavier cotton as it is most suitable for quilted bags and quilted pillows. It uses light batting, so it is the best material for quilting.

Voile: This is one of the soft, lightweight cottons and it is used for clothing like blouses, dresses, skirts and scarves because of its lightweight characteristics. It makes the quilt as a softer, silky one.

Essex linen: This is 55% of linen and 45% of cotton. This is one of the best choices for quilts and also for sewing home decor.

Quilter’s linen: This is a texture of linen and it is also the best material for quilting process.

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Step to choosing best fabrics: 

For quilting the cotton material is the best one, so the steps to choosing best material for quilting are follows,

  1. Choosing your main fabric: Before choosing any fabric, you can start search about the characteristics about the material that are needed one for you. In this step, you can also plan your quilt colors.
  2. Select a color rule: Color combination is needed for every dress materials, so you can select the perfectly matched color choices. Choosing the color values of light, medium and dark.
  3. Patterns: To remove the stress to choose fabrics, you can put them together and stand back a bit away from that to get the overall effects.

By using these steps, you can get the best material for quilting.

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