Introduction to sewing:

In simple word, what is mean by sewing? It is nothing but using stitches attaching objects made with a needle and thread. This is an oldest textile art and the thread is made up by animal body. Nowadays, the art is increased because of development of sewing machine. In some schools, sewing classes are conducted that are really helpful one for students. In schools, the teachers teach about the basic stitches by using needle and thread and also teach about some clothing and craft works. As sewing is one of the skills to expose our talents by making good craft work or other clothing works. I think you all are known about quilting that is nothing but one of the processes of sewing two or more materials together to make a padded material. Every Country is having the different styles of quilts and there are also various quilting types available such as Swedish quilting, art quilting, hand quilting, Machine quilting and so on.

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Best sewing machine:

In past years, the needle and thread only required one for sewing, but nowadays machines are important one for quilting. Some best sewing machine for quilting is,

Brother XR9500 PRW project runway limited edition Sewing machine: Some important features of this machine are having the number of build-in stitches is 100. It has multiple needle positions as the threading type of the machine is automatic. This is ideal sewing machine for embellishing everything like clothing to home décor items and also for design quilts. The machine has the back-lit LCD screen and unique flip-stitch guide and this is a lightweight and portable. It has some additional features of needle position button, hard cover, Easy-to-use Needle threading system and more. The included product accessories are Zigzag foot, zipper foot, overcastting foot, etc.

Janome 11706 ¾ size hello kitty sewing machine: This is suitable for beginning Sewist and this offers a free arm and a carry handle. It has 11 switches and also has some features of snap on pressure feet, easy tension control dial, stitch selection dial, etc.

Janome magnolia 7318 sewing machine: This machine is easy to thread and simple to maintain and the maximum speed of this machine is 830.

Janome 8002D Serger: This is one of the best sewing machines for quilting, because of its space saving features and it has more power than other machines.

Some features of sewing machine:

The features compared to other basic equipment is,

  • They have wider tables
  • They have customization options
  • Easier to thread
  • Strong thread tension

For quilting designing, the wider and the deeper tables are needed one so the sewing machine offers this. The sewing machine offers more options for quilting design in order to inspire your creativity than other standard models. The sewing machines give an opportunity to make stitches and also to add other custom features to create a beautiful look for your quilting. As the sewing machine provides you for a strong thread tension and this feature is helpful for you to make a beautiful design without breaking your thread.

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