Sewing can be fun and it’s really very useful for your kids. In this generation, kids are really like to use this sewing machine for their school projects. The sewing machines are mainly used for the decorating purposes. Modern sewing machines are the best choice for your  kids, because they offers a push button for starting and stopping the machine then it eliminates the pedal, so your child will easily use this machine without any trouble. These sewing machines are always available in lightweight and it’s suitable for the 8 -12 year old kids. To select the best sewing machine is a quite daunting task, so choose these sewing machines very carefully. Then these sewing machines are always available on the online shopping stores like Amazon, flip kart and etc…

Best sewing machines for your kids:

The followings are the best sewing machine that is really helpful for your kids,

  • Brother XL26001– This device is one of the most popular machines on market then it’s also called as a fantastic beginner machine. This machine has 25 types of stitches.
  • Janome fast lane– If you would like to give your Childs a fun sewing machine, then it’s the perfect choice for your children and it’s always available in different colors like yellow, pink and blue. Kids are really like these colors, so your child will definitely like this machine and then it offers 10 types of stitches and a drop in bobbin.
  • Brother XL2610– This machine is really very easy to use and the main feature of this machine is built in thread cutter and automatic needle Threader. These two features are making your kids work very easy and it saves the time.
  • Brother LS2125i– This machine also includes the 3 pressure feet and it’s the best sewing machine for the beginners as well as your kids.
  • Singer 3232-This device is child friendly, because it has different types of colors and the design of this sewing machine is really good. There are two types of stitches are used in this machine and they are decorative stitches and essential stitches. Then this machine has 32 types of stitches, 1 step buttonhole and this is the main feature of this sewing machine. These sewing machines come with the automatic needle threader and this element is reducing your time to sew and this is the best choice for your children.
  • Janome 2212– The handling of this machine is simple and it is really helpful for your kid’s projects, because it has so many features and it has everything for your kids need.
  • Janome 2206– Its one of the favorite sewing machine for most of the kids, because the designing of this machine is very good and it’s really very simple to use and also it includes the 4 step automatic buttonhole stitches.
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Advantages and disadvantages of using this sewing machine:

  • The main advantage of this sewing machine is to increase your kid’s concentration and focus.
  • The main disadvantage to children while learning to sew is the safety factor. Kids cannot know about how to use this machine, so you will teach your child to use these machines safely.

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